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drain, sewer & outdoor leak repair Concord NC

sewer and drain repair concord nc

Your drainage and sewer systems are essential and vital parts of your home. They are responsible for disposing of water wastes from your dwelling. However, they are often neglected and only receive attention when problems arise. Unfortunately, a problematic drain or a clogged sewer can become a serious issue. Water leaks have the potential to cause extensive damage to your home or business if not addressed quickly. So when you see any potential problem signs, give us a call to schedule a consult. Our trained expert drain and sewer plumbing professionals have been proudly servicing Concord and the surrounding area since 2008.

Top-Quality Plumbing Experts

We work hard to earn our customers' trust and go the extra mile to become your go-to choice for any drain, sewer, and outdoor water leak issues. We are licensed and certified so that you can be at ease dealing with trusted professionals. Years of experience allow us to quickly and accurately diagnose whatever possible issues you have in your drains and sewer lines. Whether for repair, maintenance, or replacement, we can do it right!

We take pride in being one of the top, most trusted services in the area. We treat all jobs equally, with utmost care and excellence. It doesn’t matter how big or small; we are serious with all the tasks we are given. We only send highly-trained personnel who have solid credentials. It is to ensure that we are sending you not just highly qualified but trustworthy people because we know that it is not easy welcoming strangers to your home. 


Our competent technicians are ready to tackle your plumbing needs at any time. We provide a precise diagnosis, so you can be sure to get your problems resolved on the first visit.

"Offering plumbing service solutions for your every need!"


Our Mission Is

Your Satisfaction

Expert work that is purely focused around providing 100% customer satisfaction


We Value Your Time

We work diligently to finish your job in
​a timely manner, while maintaining the
​highest level of quality


Financing Available

We offer financing options for our customers. It's a fast and simple application process with quick turnaround time

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Our Offerings


We provide the most vital drainage and sewer repair services to residents and businesses in Concord, NC, and surrounding areas. Ask about our Trenchless Water Replacement System. Below are areas we specialize in:

  • Drain cleaning

  • Replacement of water line

  • Replacement of sewer system

  • Camera (Drain Vision)

Complete Service


We are dedicated to giving comprehensive services that will get to the main issue to avoid recurrence. We do not provide bandaid solutions but rather address all possible defects so that when we visit you once, your sewer or water line project will be taken care of right the first time.

Respectful and Professional Technicians

At Service Pro Plumbing, our team of licensed plumbers is well-trained with expert skillsets and we offer first-class treatment for our customers. We take pride in always being polite, honest, dependable, and diligent. We treat your home like ours, so we ensure that we do not leave any mess behind. We strive to minimize damage to your lawn and garden as much as possible. 

Call for immediate service


Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Local Plumbers - Locally Owned

20+ Years of Experience

Fast, Expert, Ethical Service

No Hidden Costs

Major Credit Cards Accepted

Financing Available

ready to help

Don’t wait for a simple issue to cost you more than it should. A sewer problem addressed on time saves you the inconvenience and the dollars. It doesn’t matter if it is a small leak, which seems harmless or a serious clogging issue. If you have a drain, sewer or water leak issue, we are here to address your needs! 

Service Pro Plumbing Team

Camera Inspections for Sewer and Drain Systems

Do not wait until it is too late! You save on money and stress when you contact our plumbing experts to check your sewage line problems. Save money in the long run and protect your property! Using our advanced diagnosing method, we can see where the fixing needs to be done without tearing off your entire yard. We use cameras to get through those tight spaces and identify the root issue. It ensures accuracy, to minimize costs, wasted time, and frustrations.

In using a video camera, our trained technician pushes down a video cable into the main sewer throughout the secondary lines and in the other drains along the sewer line of your house. It is to detect where the problem is coming from. Every area is covered and checked to ensure that when a repair is recommended and we diagnosis any and all issues. The common sewer line problems we come across are:

  • Leaks

  • Buildup of grease

  • Broken pipes

  • Corroded pipes

  • Misaligned pipes

  • Punctured pipes

  • Obstructions

  • Infiltration of tree roots

  • Sewer line bellies



Problem Signs to Look For


Your drain and sewage system may require maintenance when you see any of the following signs:


Unpleasant Smell

Displeasing odors on the sink, in your garbage disposal system, or flushing your toilet is one of the most common reasons you may have a drainage issue. It is a sign that there must be something, somewhere along those pipes. 

Slow Draining

Observe how your tub or sink drains. Is it slower than usual? You need to be mindful when it starts happening, not when it is full-blown, to avoid costlier service calls. The slow draining of water is indicative of something clogging your pipes.

Water Overflow or Flooding

An overflowing toilet, a swamped yard, or water overflowing from the drain are warning signs of ruptured or leaking sewer lines. If you want to be sure if it is the case, call our sewer repair service. We here for such emergencies.

Blocked Drain

When your drain stops working, you have to take quick action. Give us a call. We're prepared to come to your rescue in emergencies such as this.

Bubbling Sounds

Hear that gurgle on the tub, shower, or toilet? It could be that something is blocking the waterway down the pipe or drain. In some instances, a damaged line can also be the cause. Better have it repaired soon to prevent worse cases.



When the soil gets saturated from underground, it becomes soft. As it gets worse, sinkholes may start appearing. A sinkhole can be an indication that the pipe laid underneath has leaks or damage.


We Work with Your Budget

Service Pro Plumbing provides flexible financing options for our various services. We understand that some repairs may be too costly for a one-time payment, which will make you think twice about having the repair immediately. Rather than making the situation get worse, call us and our friendly representatives will discuss with you possible options. 


Your Trusted Sewer and Drain Repair Provider Since 2008

We look forward to the opportunity to become your plumbing service of choice. Whether you have an emergency repair or new installation, our commitment is to provide you with 100% satisfaction on all of our services. Call today for a consultation! 

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